Gerrit Roon

Born in 1937 in the Netherlands and passing away in 2017, Gerrit Roon was a notable figure in contemporary South African landscape painting. His distinct approach to light, his keen sense of color and composition, and his wide range of subject matter, which included wildlife, village landscapes, hills, and coastal scenes, placed him at the forefront of this artistic niche.

Despite his early interest in drawing and sketching, Gerrit received no formal training in art. This self-taught background lent a unique interpretation and style to his work, setting it apart. Gerrit was one of those gifted individuals who had a clear sense of purpose from a young age.

In 1958, as a young man, Gerrit immigrated from the Netherlands to South Africa, where he was captivated by the breathtaking landscapes and quality of light. He initially experimented with various mediums, including oils, watercolors, and pastels, before ultimately choosing oils as his preferred medium.

Gerrit’s artworks have found their way into numerous private and corporate collections, including prestigious names such as First National Bank, South African Airways, and Safmarine. Notably, he was one of the founding members of the Artists Market and continued to play a significant role in nurturing and promoting the talents of emerging artists.

Many visitors to South Africa have been drawn to Gerrit’s work, which masterfully combines the lush beauty of the South African landscape with expert technique. His style involves the use of rich paint and a myriad of colors, resulting in a form of post-Impressionism that allows for both realistic imagery and abstract interpretations. When viewed up close, the thickly layered impasto technique may not immediately reveal a recognizable subject, but from a distance, the intended effect becomes clear. This method is particularly evident in his depictions of boats in West Coast harbors, often captured during maintenance and repair.

Gerrit Roon is most renowned for his portrayals of Table Mountain, the blue gums of the high veld, and his beloved fishing boats and harbor scenes. Collectors of his work have been pleased to witness its increasing value over time, a testament to the quality of his craftsmanship and the unique talent he brought to the world of South African landscape art.

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