After a lifetime’s exposure to art, Joe started painting in 1997. She worked under various tutors to perfect her own style and technique. She works in acrylic, oil and mixed mediums. The atmosphere in her work is more based on effects than detail.

Joe was born in a family of artists. She is married to Kobus Kotzé, a well-known and recognized artist. Some of their children are also in the art industry, namely Hanlie Kotzé, Mariaan Kotzé, Floris and Anine Kotzé. The latter being their full time marketers and framers.

Joe’s work are marketed and sold successfully throughout the country.

Kobus and Joe have been living in Bloemfontein since 1994. Furthermore she is inspired by music and her love of literature.
Their art can be viewed at the Kotzé Art Gallery, opened by their son and daughter-in-law in 2006 at 44 Gen. Dan Pienaar Drive, Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein.

Artwork of Joe Kotze exhibited at Crouse Art Gallery. Original art of more than 60 top South African Artists – Since 1999.

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